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Meet Olivia's family, friends, and pets


Olivia is today's girl. A 6 ¾ year old dynamo who believes she can do anything and sees every day as an opportunity to try new things. Her vivid imagination takes her on grand adventures, both real and fantasy, and her antics occasionally result in endearing misadventures. Like other children her age, Olivia's life is all about her family, friends and school.

Her favourite saying:
"There's still so much to do!"

Olivia is... lovable, confident and has a super imagination



Mother, a contemporary working mom of three and a talented multi-tasker. She balances managing the family and running her own party planning business from home. She's supportive and loving, but no-nonsense — the glue that holds everyone together.

Her favourite saying:
"Olivia, sometimes you wear me out......but I love you anyway!"

Mother is... supportive, loving and straight-talking



Father is a warm, loving, affable dad who often has his nose stuck in a book and enjoys spouting factual information and drawing graphs to illustrate his point. At times absent minded, he always makes time for the family.

His favourite saying:
"Now, that's the spirit!"

Father is... warm, loving and good at having 'little chats'



Ian, 4 years old, and Olivia's older younger brother, looks up to his big sister and is thrilled when she includes him in her schemes and play. They have a pretty typical sibling relationship in which sunshine and storms quickly alternate. Ian is particularly interested in and knowledgeable about space, dinosaurs, robots, and managing spaghetti eating.

His favourite saying:
"Take me to your leader"

Ian is... a bothersome (but endearing) younger brother



A small baby that does what most babies do. He sleeps, eats, cries and can be quite adorable. Nothing pleases Olivia and Ian more than making William laugh.

His favourite saying:
"Wooshi Gaga"

William is... an adorable baby, pure and simple



Grandma, stylish and in her late-fifties, is filled with a sense of adventure and fun; it's easy to see where Olivia gets some of her more dramatic and endearing traits. Grandma is a free spirit, who has an innate sense of style and appreciates everything from Tai Chi to surfing and calypso dancing.

Her favourite saying:
"Now that's style, darling"

Grandma is... spirited, adventurous and great fun to be with



Perry, the family dog, likes to hide the family's belongings. Sometimes he will chase the cat through the house and yard causing havoc with the local critters, especially the squirrels.

His favourite saying:
"Ruff, ruff!"

Perry is... the mischievous family dog



Edwin, the cat, appears to be boneless as he often lies draped over Olivia's arm. Olivia habitually picks up the cat to move him about the house. Edwin mostly likes to eat and sleep. He is fond of Francine's cat, Gwendolyn. And to Olivia's dismay, he is absolutely incapable of doing tricks.

His favourite saying:

Edwin is... the lazy family cat


Mrs. Hoggenmuller

Mrs. Hoggenmuller, Olivia's teacher, has been teaching for a loooong time, but in all her years she's never had a student quite like Olivia. To Mrs. Hogenmuller, Olivia can often be a... challenge, but she can't help but admire Olivia's imagination, smarts and drive. Mrs. Hogenmuller is a dedicated cat fancier and cowbell-playing virtuoso, with a penchant for the outdoors. She wants nothing more for her students than to share her enthusiasm for learning and life.

Her favourite saying:
"Come on team, come on!"

Mrs. Hoggenmuller is... enthusiastic, dedicated and a fabulous teacher



Julian, Olivia's best friend, at first seems an unlikely choice for her. Olivia is popular, Julian is shy. Olivia is brave, Julian has some fears, mainly of heights. Olivia a doer, Julian an observer. But he's smart, with a self deprecating sense of humour.

His favourite saying:
"I just try to get through a day at a time."

Julian is... a little shy, but a real fountain of knowledge



Francine and Olivia basically define the term "frenemies" — they're friends one day, enemies the next. Francine is Olivia's next door neighbour, and also her biggest rival. She is a real rule follower and has little imagination. She is determined to be number one in all aspects of her life. Still, Francine and Olivia share an admiration for one another and are good friends despite their many differences.

Her favourite saying:
"Love your outfit"

Francine is... determined, pragmatic and a rule follower