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The show

The show

Introducing Olivia

OLIVIA is a new television series that invites young children into the life of an adventurous, imaginative and lovable 6 ¾ year old girl. Based on the award-winning, best-selling books written and illustrated by Ian Falconer, the OLIVIA television series appeals to both preschoolers and parents alike.


Olivia's close relationships with her Mother, Father, little brother Ian and baby William are at the heart of the show and her life. Olivia takes her position as the eldest child in the family very seriously.

Olivia's world

In Olivia's world, everyday life is infused with dazzling make-believe. Like all young children, who blend reality with their own fantasy world, Olivia's real world happenings and fantasies are intrinsically intertwined. Although the adventures Olivia takes in her imagination are larger than life, the challenges in her day-to-day life are the same as any other child. Olivia's unique ways of dealing with these challenges provide moments of fun, education and, of course, a little drama.

Anything BUT an average day...

Each episode of OLIVIA is based around a typical event in the life of a six-year old, from dressing up, soccer practice to suspecting her younger brother of being an alien. Because Olivia experiences kids' daily trials and triumphs, viewers find it easy to recognise and understand her. Because every day is a "Big Day" for Olivia, kids admire her and want to come along for the ride!