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Olivia's values

Supporting your child

OLIVIA is an extraordinary television series that invites young children into the life, both real and make-believe, of an adventurous, confident 6 ¾ year old, her family and friends.

The series is designed to:

  • Demonstrate to children the fun and power of thinking for yourself
  • Encourage children to pursue their goals with enthusiasm, ingenuity and persistence
  • Encourage children to use their imaginations to wonder "What if . . ."

Endless imagination

There is no limit to a young child's imagination. Playful and inventive, children sing, paint and dance with abandon. It is incredibly important to nurture this love of fun and creativity, particularly as many preschools and nurseries are under pressure to teach skills, often at the expense of art and music (not to mention the dress-up corner).

We need to encourage children to recognise and value what they know, think and feel, and to have confidence in themselves to cope with new challenges in their everyday lives.

Olivia is an aspirational role model

She is...

  • Bold and adventurous, both in reality and fantasy
  • Feminine and physically active and adept
  • Filled with good ideas that she thinks through and is willing to try
  • Self-confident and optimistic

Olivia is fun to be around

She has...

  • An active and vivid imagination
  • An ability to lead viewers into charming fantasy adventures
  • A desire to achieve the seemingly impossible (time after time)

Olivia is a regular girl


  • Lives in a world of home and family familiar to preschoolers
  • Confronts the limitations of being a kid
  • Is frustrated by the distance between what she wants to do and what she is allowed to do